Natalie Claire Cole

Artist, Art Consultation, Paint Classes & Events, Creative Expression, Therapeutic Experience

Natalie Claire Cole

I am a bohemian soul with an overflowing artistic ambition. Painting has always been a positive outlet to expressing the way I am feeling. I love to inspire and be inspired. I have been very fortunate to travel and live all over the world. Attending Art school in Barcelona, Spain was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am very passionate about teaching. What I have gained and learned through out the process of inspiring creativity and expression has been invaluable and brought me such joy. I am deeply involved with helping others heal through the power of creativity. Living an authentic life is what matters most to me. Making the best of every moment and having appreciation for all the beauty that life has to offer.

My love and passion for creativity stems within a deep rooted belief and calling, that it is my purpose to inspire the joy and connection, developed through the process of art. My journey as an artist & teacher began over 10 years ago when I had the opportunity to create a therapeutic arts based program for children and youth living in a group home. It taught them the fundamentals of photography using creative assignments to support their skills and express themselves through the photo’s they took. This experience then guided me to attend school in Barcelona, Spain, my focus continued in the therapeutic arts as well as contemporary art. Allowing me to gain the skills and insight into the practice and experience of using the arts as a gateway to my own growth & development. Upon my return I volunteered in the therapeutic arts center at The Children's Hospital, and became an Early Childhood Educator teaching both Montessori & Reggio Emilia philosophy. Through out my experience I have come to learn and strongly believe in the power of creativity. Learning through a expressive process that allows children and adults to communicate their thoughts & feelings, connecting us with our own inner language, and knowledge, enabling us to discover a wisdom deep inside that will transform our lives and well-being. Art brings out our inner healer, which changes our whole physiology, and our spirit, mind, and body. It has been proven to me that through my own journey and experiences of others “Art and healing have always been one”.

Artist, Art Consultation, Paint Classes & Events, Creative Expression, Therapeutic Experience


A true artist Natalie is! It was a positive enjoyable experience had by all. The guidance and time taken to lead the group of all different painting levels was a great success. The paintings were excellent! Passion and Patience, she’s the one! I have hosted 2 paint nights at my house with Natalie. Many more to come.

- Natalie Roe -

Thanks to Natalie Cole for the fantastic Paint Night!. Her instructions were easy to follow and her painting was matched to our groups skill level! Natalie's calm, easy going demeanor, made us all relax and have fun with our creation! We all gave the evening "A ten out of ten rating!" Thanks again, Natalie.

- Robyn Deborah Junghans -

I had Natalie over to my home to host a team-building paint night with some of my coworkers. She was extremely well-prepared and not only did she provide us a wonderful experience with beautiful product, but she came with all the extra's!... gorgeously planned paint jar center pieces for the table, good quality paint and products and canvases set up for each individual art station, and wonderfully warm and friendly personality to boot! It was clear that she came with a fine arts background and she was able to teach us proper techniques and processes while keeping the experience casual and fun. I highly recommend Natalie for anyone thinking of hosting their own paint night event! Thank you so much Natalie.

- Katelyn Gravely -


Artist, Art Consultation, Paint Classes & Events, Creative Expression, Therapeutic Experience

Art Therapy

Surrender yourself to a ten week journey through an inspirational process of creative expression.

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Investing in yourself and the potential to develop the ability to acknowledge aspects of your mind, patterns and beliefs, the ability to generate personal insights, interpersonal awareness and a greater conscious integration of the vastness of oneself.


Starting rate of $80 per hour. A 90 minute Art Therapy session is $120.
(This includes all materials)

There is a one-time initial 2 hour intake and evaluation session, which constitutes a $160 fee.

A standard course of Art Therapy practice typically runs for 10 consecutive weeks. The length of your practice will be individually determined.

The practice of Art Therapy allows us access to the unconscious mind through creative techniques which give us insightful information to investigate the interaction of conscious and unconscious elements in the mind. This information is what we will study and evaluate in a process to help us see what it is that we are in conflict or afraid of with in our selves that is a limiting pattern, thought or belief. This will teach you how to help release pain, process emotions and find clarity and meaning through self-expression and unlocking the power of your unconscious mind.

Art Therapy Techniques and Exercises:

I will combine psychological, spiritual, and artistic theories in conjunction with clinical techniques to achieve the desired therapeutic outcome.

  • Painting & Finger painting
  • Drawing, Doodling & Scribbling
  • Making collages & cards
  • Sculpting, Using molding clay & making pottery
Artist, Art Consultation, Paint Classes & Events, Creative Expression, Therapeutic Experience

Art Curriculum

Providing Art project’s in a step by step creative process to add to your curriculum.

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Choose any theme and artistic medium. I will then break it down into a teachable lesson plan, material’s list, instructional art project break down and art sample.


The cost includes planning, prep time and materials needed for art sample & Kit. Cost will vary depending on the complexity of the artistic project & number of projects provided.

Prices are for one project. Will provide a 10% discount for 2 or more projects purchased at once.

  • Drawing & Painting Projects: $50.00 to $200.00
  • Clay & Sculpting Projects: $100 to $200.00
  • Mixed Medium projects: $50.00 to $100.00

Click “Buy Now” to purchase a Curriculum Art Project Kit from my gallery. Or contact me to create your very own customized Art Project Kit.

The Curriculum Art Project Kit includes: teachable lesson plan, material list, Instructional art project break down and art sample.

Artist, Art Consultation, Paint Classes & Events, Creative Expression, Therapeutic Experience

Art Classes & Events

Enjoying an artistic & therapeutic experience through the art of painting.

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I will guide & inspire you in a step by step process how to create your desired masterpiece. It is within my best of intention’s to create a fun & freeing experience for everyone!

Every masterpiece is uniquely created to the event and people painting it!


Flat Session Rate: $125.00 There is a $50.00 non refundable deposit that will go towards the total cost at the end of the night.

This price is for a maximum of five people and a minimum of one. If there is more than 5 people it is an additional $25.00 per person.

The cost includes table & drop cloth’s, canvas’s, paints, brushes, sponges, pallet knives, drive & prep time.

Available to host the following:

ladies paint nights, family paint nights, adult & children's birthday paint parties, corporate paint events, artist in residence for retreats, schools and any other potential creative opportunities.

You may also choose from my event art an already created painting by clicking on the gallery button bellow.

One on One Classes:

Explore the creative process and learn the fundamentals of painting with me. The artistic goals will be based on an individuals age and experience. My approach is very exploratory and intuitively inspired. Teaching technique as we go and encouraging individual style.


  • $40.00 per 1 hour session
  • $80.00 per 2 hour session